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Term Break Holiday.

The RTO will be closed for holidays from c.o.b. 17/4/2014 and re-open for business on 28/4/2014.

We wish all our students and clients a very safe and Happy Easter.




Wow! A complete non assessed course in Instructional Design that will only cost you $75 and comes in the form of an e-book with an MS Word file of easy to adapt templates!

However, following the examples in this fun and informative book will give you the edge when it comes to building a portfolio to get the best jobs in training. It will also provide great examples that will help you with RPL applications.

Launching on Monday 8th. April


Hot off the Press!

Do you need both TAELLN411 and TAELLN501B through a learning pathway? Save time and money by taking our integrated program that gives you both these units in one program. This is available as distance learning, but will be available shortly as workshops and on an interactive CD. Assessments can be returned by email or Drop Box.

Save time through eliminating duplication of training and assessment that is common to both units.

Get two for the price of one and a bit: only $300 for distance learning and $350 for workshops.

Note that some providers offer the units after only workshop attendance. Both units specifically require that the skills be demonstrated with real life learners in a training environment. As a quality training provider we do not cut corners and you will end up with a much more impressive portfolio of work.

We are a provider committed to training excellence:

Who we are:

Funding for mature age workers

If you are over 50 and working for at least 14 hours a week, or have your own business, you can apply for a grant of up to $4,400 to cover RPL services and training in a qualification related to your work role from Certificate III to Diploma.

Please go to our Funding page for more information.

Note: Although this program is not officially been cancelled, it is taking an undue length of time to get approvals. We suspect from what a public servant let slip that the money was 'disappeared' during the caretaker government period and funding has not been released.

Moving into a new era of training

We have one foot in the e-learning door with our product for TAE40110 and TAE Diplomas being gradually converted to interactive PDFs.

Along with our plans to offer e-learning in some of our popular courses, we are also trialling the use of webinars to deliver training in short courses such as Auditing and to support the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Also, this week we have registered an e-learning domain and are in the process of developing an e-learning site using Moodle. The redesign and upload of training programs is progressing, so bear with us, we are dancing as hard as we can.

Life is so exciting, why would anyone not want to learn!

Want to do a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

Live beyond the Black Stump and there are no local providers? Hate the thought of slogging through an online course with limited access to a trainer?

We have something for you! We will shortly be running a Saturday half day program by webinar over ten weeks that mentors you through the tricky bit and explains trainingspeak!

To find out more about individual programs, click on the navigation bar on the left or contact us directly.

Our Regional Trainers and Assessors

South Australia

After almost two decades of working with Catherine Logue of the Training for Learning Company, we are most pleased to be working closely with her organisation in the delivery of TAE qualifications. This training company also produces a range of innovative training resources to please the most creative of trainers with kits and fun activities for group training.

New South Wales

We are pleased to be working with Kim Katon and Yvette Bender in Newcastle who provide quallity TAE10 training and assessment as well as auditing and other business training. Contact them directly for details of their excellent courses, including the short course for TAELLN401A, and their training locations.

We are proud to welcome aboard Kay Whitehall in Mudgee, who will be up and running in TAE qualifications shortly. Kay delivers training in rural NSW and in the Mackay region of Queensland. More follows, as they say in the publishing industry.


Matt Spokes of Mimbelle will be working in partnership with us to deliver a range of courses including TAE40110 and TAELLN411. Ask Matt about your training needs in the Sydney region.

Sunshine Coast and north of the Brisbane River

Wendy Jakeman has been with us for some time as an assessor and part time trainer. She is currently swanning around Bali and learning Indonesian. We hope to get her back some time in the future but fear that the lure of the tropics will be too strong.

Janice Wunderlich moved to Sydney for family reasons and another RTO snapped her up.

Far North Queensland

Natasha Brown of Criterion Training and Consultancy is back with us and delivering TAE40110 as well as business qualifications in Cairns and FNQ.

There are more exciting projects in the wind. Keep watching this space.

Note: This site is constantly development and has been for some time because our web designer got married, is now living in the Rockies and constantly hiking through the Canadian Wilderness shooting bears and brides (with a camera). You can follow the amazing adventures of this intrepid Australian on www.ginevre.com or FB: Photography by Ginevre, or www.untamedland.ca.

If you want to see what she is up to http://www.facebook.com/InTheEyesOfWildlife has the preview of her documentary on how wildlife lives alongside humans. Sadly many of the animals that appear in her photographs and short films have been killed by motor vehicles and trains this year, making Ginevre's work even more poignant.

Our apologies for the spartan look of our site, but we are expecting a new logo. a new look site and a few bells and whistles - sometime this millenium. Creative Suite Five got more complicated so we concentrated on the quality of information, rather than eye candy at the moment.

Meanwhile, we keep the information updated even without the eye candy.





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