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We offer nationally recognised training in:

  • Business Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma qualifications

  • Work Health and Safety from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma

  • Health short courses, particularly those in practice management for complementary health

  • Medical and Health Administration and Health Practice Management

  • Training and Assessment: Certificate IV and both Diplomas

  • Short courses and Skills Sets (Design your own) to meet individual needs

What makes us different?

Why we are the right choice for you:

With us there are no hidden extras:

Don't get overcharged when choosing a training program!

Since the advent of VET Fee Help there has been a huge variation of fees and services across providers. Many students, particularly young students, consider VET Fee Help as an option to follow a 'study now - pay later' pathway. While this is a good way to develop your skills or gain a first qualification, you also need to look at what a range of providers offer and whether you are truly getting value for money in the long term.

Cost is not necessarily an indicator of higher quality. You also need to compare the 'product' and look beyond the marketing hype to the reputation of the provider.

These are the things you should ask before committing to a course of study with ANY provider, whether or not they offer VET Fee Help:

Do they take time to advise you on all the options? In terms of developing a career track you might be better off taking on a Certificate 3 or 4 and coming back to a Diploma once you have some work experience and maturity under your belt. There are government funding options for many Certificate 3 courses that will give you employable skills and might only involve a modest co-payment. When choosing a provider don't only think about the money - think about what you need both short and long term.

Are there sources of help for fees? While the 'money buckets' are not as generous as previously, there are still some Job Services Agencies who may have funding for part fees, leaving you with a co-payment to make. There may also be some Centrelink funding, depending upon your status. It does not hurt to ask if you are unemployed, on DSP or are in receipt of a pension.

How long is the training program? If it is too short, you might be short changed in terms of skills development. While it is tempting to go for the fast track, this may not be as good as committing yourself to a longer study period, especially with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Many employers are impressed by people who want to work and study and may take you on even though you have not finished your program, but hold some key units that make you an attractive employee.

How flexible is their course? If the provider offers only a fixed set of units, that may not serve you as well as courses from a provider who offers a wide range of electives to tailor the training to your specific career needs.

Are they saying that VET Fee Help is 'government funding'? It is not. It is a student loan that must be paid back - and income creep will push you into the 'pay back' bracket sooner than you think. Some providers are telling students if they are not successful in getting a job, that they should come back and do a second or third course. This could see you with a loan debt of up to $90,000. Ask for a full explanation that shows the true extent of your financial exposure over time.

Are they offering you a $600 iPad as an inducement to taking on a $20,000 loan? Don't be fooled into mortgaging your future to get a gizmo that has a two year shelf life. Think long term.

What are they charging and how does it compare with other providers? Fees for a Diploma can range from $3500 to $14,000 for the same qualification and up to $20,000 for a double Diploma that sells elsewhere for under $5,000, particularly where there is credit transfer from the first Diploma. Make sure your choice represents value for money, that the course is delivered and assessed to the full competency standards - and shop around.

Are there alternatives to taking out a student loan that may see you having to make large repayments at the same time as you might be wanting to buy a house, a car or start a family? Many providers offer the alternative of payment by instalment and this is interest free if you set up a direct debit. If you are a already employed, you might find it easier and cheaper to use a debit card or credit card.

Are they expecting you to pay full course costs when other providers can offer the same courses cheaper, taking RPL into account? Many training organisations offer RPL services which may reduce your course fees by half or two thirds. If you already have skills, explore this option first. It may leave you with a fees bill that can be covered by a credit card or instalments without the need for a student loan.

What is the difference between a qualification and competence? A course may or may not give you opportunities to gain skills that make you job ready. A course studied only online may or may not include opportunities to gain real practical experience meaning you can gain 'a piece of paper'and still have nothing to offer an employer. When you choose a provider, ask how they deliver and assess practical skills. Some distance education or online providers provide more vocational placements or work based projects than others. Never be afraid to ask them about the services they can provide for you.

Consumer Action have published a very useful guide to your rights as a consumer of the services of training providers. Click here to be taken to their site.

Our national reputation for quality:


Disclaimer: It has been brought to our attention that StudyNet Pty Ltd has been promoting that HBTA is an RPL partner with them. Please be advised that any offer to provide them with assessment services ceased on 13/5/14 and that we are not providing any RPL assessment services to any clients of that organisation.

Please also note also that we do not have any agreements with any marketing companies to promote to students on our behalf. Only our regional trainers and our training partners (see below) may recruit students into courses they deliver on behalf of HBTA.


Unique Student Identifier (USI)

This will come into effect on January 1st 2015 and will give you a unique number to enable you to look up your training transcripts and qualifications registered after that date.

We have already begun the process to assist you in obtaining a USI or notifying us of a USI you hold, which you must do if enrolling after 1st October if your training is likely to extend beyond 1st January 2015.

All enrolments from 1st January must have a USI and no certificates or statements of attainment awarded after that date can be processed until we have a registered USI on file.

You can find more information by clicking here to go direct to the USI Web Site USI information and to get a USI.

We are a provider committed to training excellence:

Who we are:

What we do not do:

Moving into a new era of training

We have one foot in the e-learning door with our product for TAE40110 and TAE Diplomas being gradually converted to interactive PDFs.

Along with our plans to offer e-learning in some of our popular courses, we are also trialling the use of webinars to deliver training in short courses such as Auditing and to support the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Also, we have registered an e-learning domain and are in the process of developing an e-learning site using Moodle. The redesign and upload of training programs is progressing, so bear with us, we are dancing as hard as we can.

Life is so exciting, why would anyone not want to learn!



Our e-learning site has been hacked and used for phishing. If you get any emails from this site (hbta-elearning.edu.au) please report them as:

  • we were not live with the administrative portion of the site
  • we do not take enrolments or process money other than directly from our administration at Helensvale.

Google shut the site down and we lost all our uploads which were being readied for launch this semester.

Contact us directly on 07 5502 6662 if you get any unsolicited emails purporting to come from us. We do not conduct spam or viral advertising.

No matter how hard we try and no matter how many firewalls we construct, there is always some geek in his mother's basement that can crack any codes,


Want to do a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

Live beyond the Black Stump and there are no local providers? Hate the thought of slogging through an online course with limited access to a trainer?

We have something for you! We are extending our outreach programs with regional trainers who take training to the bush. Watch the space below as we add more partner organisations or travelling trainers to our 'family'.

To find out more about individual programs, click on the navigation bar on the left or contact us directly.

Our Regional Trainers and Assessors


Kellie Gluyas who is based in Stones Corner may be joining us next semester to deliver TAELLN411 and TAE40110. We will keep you posted on this news.

New South Wales

We are pleased to be working with Kim Katon in Newcastle who provide quallity TAE10 training and assessment as well as auditing and other business training. Contact them directly for details of their excellent courses, including the short course for TAELLN411, and their training locations.

We are proud to welcome aboard Kay Whitehall in Mudgee, who is up and running in TAE qualifications and business qualifications. Kay delivers training in Western NSW and in the Mackay region of Queensland. More follows, as they say in the publishing industry.

Matt Spokes has now moved back to the Riverina where he will service clients wanting TAE Certificate IV and Diplomas and WHS qualifications.


Jan Wunderlich, the Vocational Educational Professional, manager of X Links Consulting, who previously worked for us in Hervey Bay, is now back working with us as a trainer in TAE40110, Certificate and Diploma Business qualifications and WHS courses from Cert III to Advanced Diploma in the Sydney region.

She is moving shortly to the Mid North Coast but will be continuing work with Sydney clients as required.

Mackay region

Kay Whitehall visits Mackay regularly to run courses and visit on-site with corporate customers and clients.

Natasha Brown of Criterion Training and Consultancy has joined us as a trainer delivering TAE40110 as well as business qualifications in Townsville, Cairns and FNQ.

I am working on a separate trainer page to showcase the incredible skills these people have and what they can do for you!

Training Partnerships with other organisations

Western Australia:

In addition to the services we provide directly to clients in WA, we have recently entered into agreements with two WA organisations who will provide training and assessments under auspice from HBTA for selected qualifications on our scope. This means that they will be able to conduct training and assessment on our behalf and that they will then supply us with full details of the results and evidence and HBTA will issue the qualifications if all requirements are met.

These organisations are Eureka Training (Aus) and Renovatio Pty Ltd t/as PPD Training. Further details of the services they will provide on our behalf will be made available shortly, or you can contact them directly to discuss your training needs.


We have also recently entered into an agreement with Enrich Training (t3 Australia) in Brisbane which will allow them to offer training and assessment of selected qualifications on our behalf. If you would like discuss your training needs directly with them you should contact them directly to discuss options that might suit you.

South Australia

After two decades of working with Catherine Logue of the Training for Learning Company, as a respected colleague, we are most pleased to be working closely with her in the delivery of TAE qualifications and shortly selected Business qualifications. This training company also produces a range of innovative training resources to please the most creative of trainers with kits and fun activities for group training.

Regional NSW and Queensland

We have recently had Peter Nelson from OZHST join our growing family. Peter is based in Orange and delivers WHS and TAE training throughout regional NSW right up into the Darling Downs and even Mt Isa.

A specific page on our training partnerships is being developed and will list the qualifications and services each are able to provide under agreement with HBTA.

There are more exciting projects in the wind. Keep watching this space.

Look Mum! No eye candy!

This site is constantly under development and has been for some time because our original web designer got married, is now living in the Rockies and constantly hiking through the Canadian Wilderness shooting bears and brides (with a camera). You can follow the amazing adventures of this intrepid Australian (and now also Canadian) on www.ginevre.com or FB: Photography by Ginevre, or www.untamedland.ca.

If you want to see what she is up to http://www.facebook.com/InTheEyesOfWildlife has the preview of her documentary on how wildlife lives alongside humans. Sadly many of the animals that appear in her photographs and short films have been killed by motor vehicles and trains this year, making Ginevre's work even more poignant.

We are expecting a new logo, a new look site and a few bells and whistles - sometime this millenium. Meanwhile Mum has to soldier on with Creative Suite Five (which got more complicated than previous incarnations) so we concentrated on the quality of information, rather than eye candy at the moment.

Meanwhile, we will keep the information updated even without the pretty pictures, flash animations or gizmos.

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