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Compliance and Audit Status:

We are proud of our compliance status which has been exemplary at all audits since initial registration. Any rectifications required have been few and minor, and all have been addressed within the immediate post audit period, before the final report was issued.

In recognition of our continuing low risk status, (and possibly sound reputation and client satisfaction) HBTA has just been granted an extension to registration until 2024 without the need to be audited.

This is highly rewarding after 15 years of operation.


The results of the prior audit were:

Audit Date:

25 May 2012



Qualifications audited

Qualification code

Qualification name


Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical)


 Certificate IV in Small Business Management


Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice (partial dellivery)


 Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Audit Outcome

Was non-compliance identified?

If 'Yes', non-compliance type




Minor: No significant or critical non-compliances were identified.

Summary of rectifications required:

BSB31107 None

BSB40407 Required to update two assessments from BSB40401, even though not delivering the 07 program and have not delivered it since.

HLT40307 Required to make minor modifications to HLTAP401B to improve user friendliness.

BSB60607 Required to develop and submit assessments for this qualification which a client had requested be an addition to scope early in the morning on the day of the audit.

TAE40110 None.

Minor rectifications as specified were undertaken during immediate post-audit period and subsequent ruling of fully compliant received..

A full copy of the audit report can be found here.




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