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Government funding

Tuition funding:

Where you might also find assistance with fees:

Existing Worker (Enterprise) Traineeships

User Choice Qualifications approved:

For more information on how you can access User-Choice qualifications: http://www.apprenticeshipsinfo.qld.gov.au/apprentices/become-apprentice/index.html

For more information how you can access an Existing Worker Traineeship under direct federal funding of an employer subsidy, your employer should arrange a meeting with an Australian Apprenticeship Centre to determine eligibility. Once this has been established, we can enter into a training contract whereby the tuition fees are paid by the empoyer from the subsidy.

Compliance and Audit Status:

We are proud of our compliance status which has been exemplary at all audits since initial registration. Any rectifications required have been few and minor, and all have been addressed within the immediate post audit period, before the final report was issued.

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Last updated; 1 June 2012

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