Fees and refunds


  • There are no hidden charges in our fees which include all administrative and materials costs except where specified on the enrolment form.
  • These are due and payable at enrolment, whether or not you begin your course immediately.
  • You have a 14 day cooling off period, during which you may withdraw and receive a full refund, providing that you return all course materials in mint condition.
  • If you cancel your course within the cooling off period, but wish to keep the course materials, you will be charged the retail cost of these.
  • If you ask to pay your fees by installments, you are expected to make direct deposits of the agreed amount at regular intervals or be considered in default.
  • Any debtor who is in default of fees for more than 60 days my be referred for debt collection and will incur late fees and collection fees, in addition to any collection fees charged by the agency.
  • Defaulters may have their enrolment or course suspended until payments resume.
  • Under the existing training legislation, we have the right to withhold qualifications where there are unpaid fees.

Fees totaling more than $1,500 for the course or RPL service:

  • In accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015, the maximum amount that may be collected in advance is $1500. Fees paid by an employer may be paid in full. 
  • This means that if you enrol in a full fee-for-service qualification, you will pay by instalments.  The first payment may be no more than $1500 in accordance with the standards

This can be done in two ways. 

  • Firstly, you can elect to pay in three instalments: on enrolment, at the mid point of training and on completion but before the qualification is issued. 
  • Secondly, you can elect to pay for the qualification unit by unit as they are commenced.
    In either case, instalment payments must be made according to the instalment agreement entered into and HBTA reserves the right to suspend training if the student is delinquent in paying fees. 
  • We are also legally able to withhold issue of a qualification where the fees are not fully paid up at time of completion.

Corporate clients whose staff are undertaking full qualifications are able to pay the full fees in advance. If they prefer an installment option, they will be invoiced in three stages: at commencement, at the mid point and at completion.

Note that these conditions may change if courses are offered in the future under grants and student loans.


  • All fees you pay are held in reserve until the cooling off period is past
  • For Corporate Clients, should a change of mind occur for the candidate enrolled in a qualification or Skill Set, and the candidate has not received any training resources or submitted any assessment’s, the fee may be deferred to another approved candidate. There is a $150 admin fee cost to transfer this change of enrolment.
  • However, if you begin training or return any assessments within the 14 day period you are deemed to have received a service and entered into a contract to pay fees for said service and no refund will be payable
  • Enrolling in a course with a face to face workshop component requires a deposit to cover the additional administrative and venue costs involved. If you do not attend, your deposit is non-refundable.
  • Once you have commenced your training and/or submitted assessments there are no refunds other than exceptional circumstances.
  • Under some circumstances, such as when a bereavement or family emergency results in a decision to withdraw, you may be granted a pro-rata refund at the discretion of the CEO.

You should read the full refund policy before you commit to enrolment. The enrolment form includes a declaration that you have done this. For a full copy of the refund policy, click here.