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Student Services Policies and Procedures


Details of the terms of claiming refunds is available here.

Student manual:

A copy of the Student Manual can be viewed here.

Privacy policy

We are legally obliged to report statistical information about you to the government for recording and audit purposes.  Other than this, we safeguard your rights under the Australian Privacy Principles and only share your information with Third Parties with your written permission or as you have allowed by signing the declaration on the enrolment form or the pre-training questionnaire.

Note that we are also now obliged to verify the authenticity of any qualification you offer as evidence for RPL or Credit transfer (previosly we just required JP notarisation).   Authorisation for us to contact other organisations is now included in the declaration on the enrolment form.

A copy of the Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

A copy of the Privacy Notice that complies with the National VET Data Policy is found here and on our enrolment forms. You are required to sign both the general declaration and the privacy notice declaration when you enrol.

Well, I never thought I would have to say this to adult students in vocational training but:

  • copying ideas from others, must acknowledge the source and list the author. If you fail to do this you are committing plagiarism. Plagiarism will see you having to do the work over after having an competency interview.
  • copying the work of fellow students is not plagiarism, it is cheating, done with an intent to obtain a competency by ilicit means and therefore a serious offence. Cheating may lead to your enrolment being cancelled without notice.

If your enrolment is cancelled through proven (and blatant) copying the work of other students, you will have the right to appeal the decision of the assessor and the Director before your cancellation takes effect. You will be allowed 30 days to make a case as to why your enrolment should not be cancelled. This will then be sent to an external mediator together with your assessment evidence and other supporting documents.

In the case of a cancelled enrolment there are no refunds because (a) you have been provided with the course work and (b) you have submitted assessments. See the Refund Policy for why this is so..

 Progression rules:

Anti-discrimination, safety and EO:



Access to personal files:

Replacement of qualifications testamurs:

Change of contact details:

You may request copies of any student policies and procedures at any time, or ask to be issued with a print copy
of the Student Manual before you enrol.

Contact us
if you require more information about your rights and obligations.


Last updated; 30 July 2019

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