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Vocational Education and Training is a profession, not just a job.

It has prime responsibilities for the education of existing and future generations of workers. As a profession we play a key part in maintaining the productivity and international competitiveness of our great nation. Therefore, when you choose an RTO to train you as a professional, look for those who are committed to their own professionalism - and yours!

If you are serious about your profession, so are we!

Because we teach what we practice every day, you are assured of training value that is not tied to 'lowest price-lowest common denominator'.

We also offer the full range of electives, so that you can customise your course for your job role, whether that is a workplace trainer, an RTO trainer or have responsibilities for training record management and marketing.

Note that enrolments are only able to be taken now in TAE40110 for RPL applications and all must be completed before 23/9/17 to allow time for final sign off and issue of qualification.  See the brochure here.

Having previously informed us that we could not deliver the following Skill Sets beyond 6/4/2017, ASQA have now extended the transition period for these until 5/10/2017. However, you must complete the courses by 1.10/2017 to allow time for sign off and issue of qualification.

The different skills sets that are available for various job classifications within the TAE40110
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualifications framework.

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Don't Hold Back!

Eleven months on and only nine providers to date have been approved to deliver the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The backlog is so great that many RTOs have held back their application for a few months hoping the backlog will clear. HBTA submitted their application last month.

Given that it may take new applicants six months or more to complete this qualification, April will be the last round of intakes available from HBTA.  RPL applications are continuing to be taken until August.

Applicants keep asking me about the need to 'upgrade' to the new qualification. It is not mandatory to do so as the Standards for RTOs (SRTO) 2015 state that trainers need TAE40110 or its successor. Therefore, you have until October 2017 to obtain TAE40110 and you can choose to add to this TAEASS502A and TAELLN411 in the electives.

What this means is that when the TAE40116 is finally launched, or the AISC finally decided that trainers and assessor must attain TAEASS502 and TAELLN411, those who included TAEASS502A and TAELLN411 in their TAE40110 may be eligible for credit transfer.

If you already have the TAE40110 you can choose to undertake the two new units as standalones, and we can delivery this through an enrolment into a TAE50216 if you want TAEASS502.

It sounds complicated but really is not. We can work out the best option for you.

If you have been a trainer and assessor for some time, then a smart thing to do would be to enrol in a Diploma. If you have a Diploma, you do not need to acquire a TAE40110 or its successor.



TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or its successor.



A diploma or higher level qualification in adult education.

There is no pre-requisite for entry into the Diplomas and the course will cover the same skills and knowledge as the Certificate IV embedded in its content.

Therefore, if you are really looking for an 'upgrade' and not an 'update', the Diploma is the smart way to go!


Developed by professional instructional designers.

Taught by highly experienced VET practitioners!

TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development is now on scope.

We have a fun Interactive Learning program ready to go.  See the brochure here.

We also have a combined TAE50216/TAE50111 program that will not only give you the most essential skills for senior trainers and assessors but also more bang for your buck:

TAEASS501 Provide advanced assessment practice

TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools

TAEASS503 Lead assessment validation processes

TAEASS504 Develop and implement recognition strategies

TAEDEL502 Provide advanced facilitation practice

TAEDES501 Design and develop learning strategies

TAEDES502 Design and develop learning resources

TAEDES505 Evaluate a training program

TAELLN411/TAELLN501 Support the development of adult language, literacy and numeracy skills  (This is a cluster because the skills in the TAELLN411 are incorporated into the TAELLN501).

TAEPDD501 Maintain and advance professional practice

TAETAS501 Undertake organisational training needs analysis

So, whether you are after RPL, RPL with Gap Training or a full Interactive distance or workshop program, you can take this pathway and after you graduate get a swift $75 credit transfer to TAE50116 when it is on scope.


Advanced Assessor Skills Set: The following Skills Set is available (it is part of the TAE50216 therefore is not time limited)


TAEASS501 Provide advanced assessment practice

TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools

TAEASS503 Lead assessment validation processes

TAEASS504 Develop and implements recognition strategies



Wow! A complete non-assessed course in Instructional Design that will only cost you $75 and comes in the form of an e-book with an MS Word file of easy to adapt templates!

However, following the examples in this fun and informative book will give you the edge when it comes to building a portfolio to get the best jobs in training. It will also provide great examples that will help you with RPL applications.

Launched on Monday 8th. April 2014, revised 2017.

There are now three companion volumes to this e-book:

Making Magic Happen: Facilitation skills

The Magic Unfolds: Competency assesment, Validation and Review

The Magic of Assessment:  Assessment design and development, Competency assessment, Validation and Review


Live beyond the Black Stump and there are no local providers?

Hate the thought of slogging through an online course with limited access to a trainer?

We have produced the Diploma of Training Design and Development program as an interactive e-learning course available on CD or USB so you never have to worry about bandwidth issues.

We mentor you through Skype, or in webinars so that you have access to your trainer and assessor.


RPL applications in TAE qualifications

We do not accept applications from candidates who use a third party to put together their application.

There is a sound reason for this.

Firstly, we use the quality of the application to judge whether the applicant does have the ability to unpack a training package and correctly interpret the criteria to select evidence that is valid, sufficient, authentic and current. This is the foundation of everything we do as VET professionals.

If you feel you are unable to complete an RPL application without such assistance (other than time constraints) then we respectfully suggest that you may need gap training to help you understand the foundations of making an RPL application. In order to assist you, we provide an application kit and we are always here to give advice on the most useful type of evidence you can provide and the process that will be followed.

Secondly, we will only communicate directly with the candidate, not a third party, as it is necessary to have 'competency conversations' with them to quickly resolve any questions they or we might have about the nature of the evidence, or for us to provide suggestions for more appropriate evidence to fill any gaps.

We also expect candidates who apply for recognition in TAE qualifications to have the professional knowledge to read and interpret the competency standards.

This includes:

  • the ability to map their evidence accurately against the standards
  • ensure that their evidence meets the Rules of Evidence
  • ensure that they have at least met the critical evidence or performance evidence requirement of each unit (which is the minimum requirement, not the maximum) and sufficiently addressed the performance criteria and knowledge evidenc set out in the units
  • provided evidence of currency of practice (i.e. if you are a manager, you must have current 'chalk-face' experience
  • that any third party reports are also signed off by people who have a knowledge of the competency standards, currency of practice and are themselves competency assessors

Sad to say, but 50% of applications from industry trainers do not meet the above requirements initially, but at the end of the process they have learned a lot about themselves and how to showcase their talents to the best advantage. Gaining a TAE, or any qualification, by RPL is not always a 'fast process'. It is a rigorous assessment processes. The results are worth it. Many of our graduates go on to build professional portfolios which aid them in seeking employment.

We do not guarantee your application will result in a qualification. Where you are not able to satisfy all the criteria through direct evidence, you have options:

  • be awarded a Statement of Attainment for those units satisfactorily completed and undertaking gap training for the remaining units: there is a cost involved in this
  • undertake challenge testing: this is at no extra charge and involves you completing assessments for units where you fall short on evidence

There is no compulsion to complete gap training with us, but we hope that you do because having come this far together, it would be nice to complete the journey.

The Diplomas are not an extension of TAE40110 and it is not a matter of proving that you use the AQF4 skills over and over again. The Diplomas require solid evidence of deepening and extending your knowledge, skills and experience and leading and managing other training professionals.



Last updated; 20 May 2017

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