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Our BSB Work Health and Safety Programs

All of the following programs can be undertaken by a variety of flexible delivery options:

Volume of Learning (Course duration): the expected durations for attaining courses have been set by the Australian Qualifications Framework at the following:

This time may be shortened if you have prior learning, credit transfers, or workplace experience in a related role. Before you enrol, we will discuss your current skills and knowledge and determine an appropriate amount of training for you.

The Certificate IV has no pre-requisites but if you have already attained the Certificate III or have gone through WHSR training, and have workplace responsibilities for WHS, this will be a good start to fast track your learning.

In order to enrol in the Diploma, you have to have attained the Core Units for the Diploma or equivalent.

The core units or equivalent from the Diploma are required to enter the Advanced Diploma. This is an assessment only program that is completed by workplace projects. It takes the knowledge and skills from the Diploma and applies them at a higher managerial level.

Workshops and face to face training may also be arranged by our regional trainers as number permit.

Please click here for more information and fees for our WHS programs.

All of the qualifications with two identifying codes have been deemed equivalent and transition to the new qualification will be possible for continuing students.

Transitioning from OHS to WHS Qualifications: Progression from Cert. IV through to Adv. Dip.

Both in transitioning and in initial entry RPL applications for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma, the core units of the prior level of qualification must be attained first, either by training or RPL.

In other words, any credit transfers that might apply from transition from OHS to WHS cannot be granted until the prior qualification core units have been attained. 

Therefore, if applying for an Advanced Diploma, you will also have to apply for RPL/Gap training for both the Cert IV core units and the Diploma Core Units.  You will then be charged for the appropriate fee for those levels i.e you will pay for the Diploma or Advanced Diploma plus a fee for the core units specified as pre-requisite.

This progression cannot be avoided other than if you have attained the mandatory pre-requisite WHS units from prior learning and apply for national recognition (full credit), in which case the credit transfer is instantaneous and gratis when enrolling in the higher level qualification.

Click here for the WHS RPL Applicant Manual.

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Non-accredited WHS Training 

Please refer to this page for other programs that are available for corporate clients and individuals.




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