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Partnership with Rose Training and Qualify Now

The partnership arrangement expired on 16th January 2019 and has not been renewed.

All students enrolled on behalf of Healthy Business Training Academy in 2018 will continue to have their assessment evidence audited and be issued with a qualification if competency is confirmed.

If you have concerns about the status of your enrolment or the conduct of your course, these should be made to Rose Training in the first instance. The email contact is: lepeka@rosetraining.com.au or 0420 320 318.

You may also contact HBTA directly as the CEO is monitoring all students enrolled with Rose Training ceo@hbta.edu.au



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We offer nationally recognised training in:

Please see the TAE page for more details.


TAE40110 - TAE40116 upgrades

HBTA is now at capacity in terms of back end administration and is only accepting enrolments on the condition that you appreciate that you may not get your Certificate or Statements of Attainment by the 1st April.

So many people thought they had plenty of time and left it to the last minute, not fully realising the amount of work they have to do to attain TAEASS502 in particular.

Enrolments for full Certificate courses is continuing.

If you already have TAELLN411 and TAEASS502 (or one of the earlier versions) you are already compliant with the Standards for RTOs. This is the legislative instrument that states the requirements for trainer and assessor qualifications.

If you are not compliant by that date you are able to train under supervision while your upskilling is pending,

If you are compliant but wish to upgrade to the new qualification by undertaking TAEASS401 and TAEASS403 gap training, we recommend that you hold back in applying until after 1st April.

In the meantime are now also referring enquiries to SpecTraining dan@spectraining.com.au and Skills Strategies International sandra@skillstrategies.wa.edu.au

TAA40104 - TAE40116 RPL

The RPL kit for this has just gone through industry consultation and will be available from 1st. February. There is no credit transfer from TAA40104 to TAE40116.



BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management is now available.

BSBLDR511 now replaces BSBLDR501.

Volume of Learning (Course duration):

The expected durations for attaining courses have been set by the Australian Qualifications Framework at the following:

Certificate III: 1 year

Certificate IV: 6 months

Diploma: 1 year

Advanced Diploma: 1 year to 18 months

The hours given on publicity brochures and enrolment forms indicate nominal assessment hours only, not full course hours for supported learning.

This time may be shortened if you have prior learning, credit transfers, or workplace experience in a related role. Before you enrol, we will discuss your current skills and knowledge and determine an appropriate amount of training for you.

How we determine the required course durations

Firstly, the typical length of courses at each level are given in the Australian Qualifications Framework. This provides guidelines for the structures of courses at all levels in vocational education and training right through to post-graduate tertiary courses.

Within that framework is a supporting series of explanatory documents, one of which allocates hours to the volume of learning.

In addition, the Australian Skills Quality Authority has set down guidelines on how providers should determine the amount of training each learner should receive.



All requests to verify qualifications should be sent to admin@hbta.edu.au and must be accompanied by an authority from the student or staff member to seek the information. This may be given in the declaration on the enrolment form, an email or using a form.

If the individual has a USI then it is possible to verify a qualification by obtaining a USI transcript (this was the whole purpose of setting up the system). Your student or staff member should be able to access this document through www.usi.gov.au


Want to go one step further?

Why not undertake Advanced Assessor skills set? Developed by yours truly, who has worked at the leading edge of CBA since 1988 and available now in a Interactive Learning package (the e-learning you have when you are not online) and soon by online learning.

Full colour, action learning, backed by mentoring via Skype or webinar. Then you know you are ahead of the game and also part way into a Diploma.


We also have TAE50116 and TAE50216 on scope, already available as in Interactive Learning package. Plus we have regional trainers and assessors who can deliver group training if required.


Turn your TAELLN411 into TAESS00009 Address Foundation Skills in Vocational Practice Skill Set by undertaking TAELLN402 and TAELLN403. Click here to find out more!

Why wait? Invest in yourself!

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Zero Tolerance Policy

Due to the growing incidence of abuse and bullying, I need to remind everyone that this RTO has a policy of zero tolerance of abuse to fellow students, staff and administration and all staff of our training partners.

Individuals who behave abusively, including abuse in writing, are subject to our disciplinary policy and face consequences, up to and including summary expulsion in severe cases.



Our Trainers


As demand grows, our ability to service regional and remote areas grows. A number of our trainers are willing to FIFO to where organisations and public groups are, so you do not have to travel to the coastal regions to undertake training. In addition, we can support training with mentoring, skype, webinar tutorials, phone or email. We bring training to you. Click here to 'meet' our staff.

Our Training Partners

For more information about our growing family of RTOs and non-registered Training Organisations who have partnered with HBTA to deliver our qualifications in SEQ, NSW, VIC, SA, NT and WA, and the programs they offer

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Compliance Notice


Due to increasing incidence of attempts to obtain qualifications through fraudulent certificates offered for RPL or Credit transfer, we are now increasing the level of compliance for all enrolments.

Firstly, all enrolment applications must now be accompanied by:

  • a declaration which includes giving the RTO and its trainers and training partners permission to verify the authenticity of any qualification, evidence or statement about skills and knowledge provided as evidence
  • signed declarations on the enrolment form that you have understood how to access the student manual and the policies of the RTO or its training partners.

All requisite documents will be updated in our enrolment kits shortly. Meanwhile our administration will send out additional forms to applications in process.

Thank you for your understanding of procedures that are necessary to protect the value of the qualifications we issue to you.




Last updated; 31 January 2019

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