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We offer nationally recognised training in:

We have just become an approved provider of TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

The program is delivered by blended learning using innovative Interactive Learning resources which you can contextualise to meet the needs of your industry and learners.

The program may be workshop based or can be distance learning with webinars replacing workshops and group activities.

Online learning to support the program is under development, but our Interactive Program is e-learning provided by electronic resources on CD, USB or via Drop Box.

A Linking In private forum for our staff and students will enable social learning.

The enrolment kit includes a pre-training questionnaire, a student manual, the enrolment form and the Privacy Notice.

More information is given on the TAE page.

Volume of Learning (Course duration):

The expected durations for attaining courses have been set by the Australian Qualifications Framework at the following:

  • Certificate III: 1 year
  • Certificate IV: 6 months
  • Diploma: 1 year
  • Advanced Diploma: 1 year to 18 months

This time may be shortened if you have prior learning, credit transfers, or workplace experience in a related role. Before you enrol, we will discuss your current skills and knowledge and determine an appropriate amount of training for you.

How we determine the required course durations

Firstly, the typical length of courses at each level are given in the Australian Qualifications Framework. This provides guidelines for the structures of courses at all levels in vocational education and training right through to post-graduate tertiary courses.

Within that framework is a supporting series of explanatory documents, one of which allocates hours to the volume of learning.

In addition, the Australian Skills Quality Authority has set down guidelines on how providers should determine the amount of training each learner should receive.


We are a provider committed to training excellence:

  • we offer programs based on a range of practical and pragmatic learning experiences

  • we know what we do and we do what we know, so you benefit from our accumulated experience

  • we update our own vocational and training skills regularly, to ensure that we remain at the leading edge

Who we are:

  • we specialise in distance and flexible delivery programs right across Australia and New Zealand (and to students overseas)
  • we work with a number of local, regional and interstate trainers and training partners who can offer face to face training in groups or in the workplace
  • we offer very effective RPL programs so that you can validate the skills you have now to create a better work future

  • we prioritise our resources to provide quality training, and our clients are our main focus

  • we operate with low overheads and pass the cost savings on to our clients

What we do not do:

  • We do not take short cuts because you deserve the best

  • We will never offer courses in too short a time frame because you need the time for your skills to mature

  • Above all, if you want a TAE Certificate IV you will not get it from us in a 2, 3 or 5 day course if you have no prior experience and qualifications in our industry. You get what you pay for: quality training to professional standards.

What makes us different?

Why we are the right choice for you:

We are now under an arrangement with Study Loans which is a private financial company offering rates much lower than credit cards.

With us there are no hidden extras:

Our national reputation for quality:


Want to go one step further?

Why not undertake Advanced Assessor skills set? Developed by yours truly who has worked at the leading edge of CBA since 1988 and available now in a Interactive Learning package (the e-learning you have when you are not online) and soon by online learning.

Full colour, action learning, backed by mentoring via Skype or webinar. Then when there are finally providers who can 'paper churn' you know your people are ahead of the game and also part way into a Diploma.


We also have TAE50116 and TAE50216 on scope, already available as in Interactive Learning package. Plus we have regional trainers and assessors who can deliver group training if required.

Why wait? Invest in yourself!

To find out more about individual programs, click on the navigation bar on the left or contact us directly.

Our Regional Trainers and Assessors

New South Wales

We are proud to work with Kay Whitehall in Mudgee, who is up and running in TAE qualifications and business qualifications. Kay delivers training in Western NSW and in the Mackay region of Queensland. More follows, as they say in the publishing industry.


Katherine Zarubin is our senior trainer for the BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management.

Mackay region

Kay Whitehall visits Mackay regularly to run courses and visit on-site with corporate customers and clients.

Far North Queensland

Natasha Brown is our trainer based in Townsville.

Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

Christine Chittenden provides our TAE courses in this region.

Other regions are serviced by our group of excellent training partners (see below).



Our Training Partners

The following organisatons deliver and assess training under auspice from HBTA

Anytime Training Australia, Gold Coast

Australian Safety Learning Systems Brisbane

Compact Services, Brisbane RTO 32419

Criterion Training and Consultancy, FNQ

Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention, North Lake WA

Leading Education Innovation Brisbane

Mandaville Training Solutions, Sydney

One Step Further Coolangatta, RTO 31215

Oz Health and Safety Training ,Orange NSW

PPD Training Perth, RTO 52080

Safe Act Pty Ltd. Hunter Valley

Southern Grampians Adult Education, Hamilton Victoria RTO 20645

Spectraining, Gold Coast

Talent Med, Glen Iris VIC

Training for Learning Company Adelaide

Training Ahead Australia, Mackay Queensland and Richmond Victoria

Transformational Institute, Newcastle RTO 31269

Worksafe Training, Gold Coast

Workskills International Sydney

For more information about our growing family of RTOs and non-registered Training Organisations who have partnered with HBTA to deliver our qualifications in SEQ, NSW, VIC, SA and WA, and the programs they offer click here.



Last updated; 8 January 2018

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