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Professional Development Training

Tailored specifically for individuals, teams and organisations

Tailored coaching and mentoring for individuals, teams or an entire organisation will take the stress out of the situation and equip you for whatever lies ahead. It also ensures your organisation remains compliant with industry frameworks and standards.

Bespoke coaching and mentoring services in leadership, management and compliance ensure that, on a corporate level, the organisation has leaders to support the workforce effectively. This empowers people to feel like an integral part of the organisation, changing the culture to embrace continuous improvement.

Examples of packages on offer

Option 1

Professional and Personal Development skill clusters to support you in your ongoing development and support your ability to adapt to change. These are our most popular clusters however we can customise our courses to support the outcomes you wish to achieve. Options include self-directed study or one-on-one mentoring calls can be added on to this option.


  • Working at home
  • Conquering your inbox
  • Improving your focus
  • Managing your priorities
  • Overcoming common challenges
  • Scheduling your time
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Time management fundamentals



  • Overcoming a lack of motivation
  • Overcoming impostor syndrome
  • Overcoming the fear of failure
  • Problem solving and creativity
  • Coming back from a big mistake 


Being a better person

  • Empathy and the workplace
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Handling difficult situations and conversations
  • Managing and resolving conflict
  • How to manage stress
  • Understanding and avoiding unconscious bias 

Option 2

This option includes self-directed learning which can be customised to target your outcomes, as well as monthly one-on-one coaching and mentoring. This is particularly suitable for organisations who are wanting to support their change champions.

Leadership Skills for Managers

  • Five key skills for great leadership
  • Coaching and developing staff
  • Communicating effectively in the workplace
  • Discussing performance with staff


Managing Teams

  • Team culture: Overview
  • Team culture: Assessing and Managing
  • Managing remote and virtual teams
  • Running successful virtual team meetings
  • Recognising and rewarding staff performance 
  • Motivating your staff and teams

Contact us to discuss your professional development needs further as we can contextualise a package to suit your needs.