Skills sets (Short courses)

These are Alternatives to Full Qualifications that might suit your needs!

A skills set comes from two different origins

  • Skills sets that are identified within a training package
  • Skills sets that are requested by an employer or an individual client

Skills sets that are identified within a training package

Training Packages we have on scope often identify specific skills sets to meet the needs of employers or individuals that only want a ‘bolt on’ not a full qualification.

For example: The different skills sets that are available for various job classifications within the TAE40116
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training qualifications frameworks.

  • TAESS00009 Address Foundation Skills in Vocational Practice Skill Set
  • TAESS00010 Advanced Assessor Skill Set
  • TAESS00011  Assessor Skill Set
  • TAESS00013 Enterprise Trainer – Mentoring Skill Set
  • TAESS00014  Enterprise Trainer – Presenting Skill Set
  • TAESS00015 Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set
  • TAESS00018 Deliver E-Learning Skill Set

Skills sets for a job requirement or professional development

Examples of these are:

  • short courses made up of units identified by professional associations to satisfy their professional development requirements
  • short courses we design for individual employers based on a Training Needs Analysis to meet an upskilling, cross skilling or multi-skilling need
  • short courses made up of single or groups of units from any qualification we have on our scope to help you get special skills for your job or to top up an existing qualification to get a second qualificationl for example.

BSBSS00128 Lead Auditor Skill Set

BSBAUD513   Report on quality audits

BSBAUD512   Lead quality audits

BSBAUD511    Initiate quality audits

BSBAUD411    Participate in quality audits

BSBSS00122 Compliance Skill Set

BSBAUD514     Interpret compliance requirements

BSBAUD515    Evaluate and review compliance

BSBAUD412     Work within compliance framework

Stand-alone units for professional development

The following units are now being offered as short courses.

  • BSBWHS512 Contribute to managing work-related psychological health and safety

Pyrotechnics Skills Sets:

The following courses are provided by KC’s Fireworks, Caloundra. For more details contact: KC’s Fireworks.

Fireworks Operators Course (Indoor and Outdoor displays)

CUAPYR401 Manage health and safety requirements at fireworks displays 

CUAPYR402 Operate outdoor fireworks displays

CUAPYR404 Operate close proximity fireworks displays

Fireworks Contractor Course

CUAPYR403 Plan outdoor fireworks displays 

Skill Sets attainment result in the issue of a Statement of Attainment (SoA)

  • A statement of attainment is a nationally recognised qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • The holder of an SoA must be given full credit for any identical Unit listed that appears in any other qualification in which it forms part of the framework, under National Recognition rules, regardless of the code and title of the originating qualification.

To find out more about Skill Sets, contact us directly.