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It is a legal compliance requirement that we gather detailed information about your training experiences, so have created an electronic version of the AQTF07 form that is the official feedback, required by ASQA, to be administered when we issue the qualification. The data from these forms is collated and sent to ASQA annually, but no individual student information is given to a third party.

We love to get general feedback about your ‘student journey’. We have created a second form which gives us additional information we can use to make quality improvements to our administrative processes. This is not mandatory, but we love to hear from you about what you like (or dislike) about our services. If you want to share your story with us, this feedback form helps us make a good thing better. What you tell us on this form is kept confidential and is not given to a third party.

Verifications of Qualifications

All requests to verify qualifications should be sent to administration and must be accompanied by an authority from the student or staff member to seek the information. This may be given in the declaration on the enrolment form, an email or using a form.

If the individual has a USI then it is possible to verify a qualification by obtaining a USI transcript (this was the whole purpose of setting up the system).

Your student or staff member should be able to access this document through This function has been active since 2015, however it takes a little while for results to populate once they have been reported to the government. Recent results may not be there yet.

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