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ADF sees Strength in VET Qualifications

HBTA Contract Trainer Christine Williamson has built a solid reputation of excellence in vocational education and training having worked with national and international corporations as well all levels of government over the last thirty years. Chris was ready to take action when the Australian Defence Force sought to upskill a number of ADF personnel at the Holsworthy School of Military Engineering.

Part of the defence force planning requires ADF departments to reshape and reskill their workforce to transition to new platforms and training methodologies to build capability amongst its current and future military personnel.

A number of ADF members completed the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment through workplace assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning; trainer Chris Williamson said that participants acquired many of the key skills and knowledge from dedicated in-house training programs over the past 10 years. So the TAA qualification is featured in many trainers’ records of completions portfolios.

“Some ADF development programs teach the knowledge and performance skills found in the TAE. We were able to map the ADF staff’s previous training records and assess their competence through workplace assessments onsite at Holsworthy,” Ms Williamson said. The program has created a lot of interest in the training department with many now enquiring to be part of the skills recognition and upgrade program.

“A few Certificate IV graduates are moving straight on to their Diplomas.”

Chris met with senior staff while at Holsworthy to further demonstrate the importance of supporting ADF internal trainers through upskilling and formal qualifications and in turn supports the long-term plans for reskilling and shaping the future training options in the ADF.

“When looking at competencies of the Diploma, she was impressed with how advanced ADF processes were in performing and managing high-level training and assessment development of skills and noted some upskilling options as well to keep them at the forefront in benchmarking training capabilities.

“The essential skills taught in the Training and Assessment qualifications and Skill Sets are applicable across industry whether you are commanding troops or demonstrating how to clean an industrial espresso machine, if you are a workplace mentor to one co-worker or lead a team of one hundred or more.

“The flexibility of vocational education allows for complete customisation of the learning material based on the needs of the organisation and the learners.”

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