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RPL services (Recognition of Prior Learning)

What RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is

If you have skills, but no qualification, or you wish to gain a new qualification and gain credit for studies already completed, we can help you. Our user-friendly RPL assessment can be completed through email, mail and direct Skype voice/video or telephone interviews. It is also possible to submit work documents as evidence, or to be assessed in your workplace, by arrangement.

RPL is an assessment only process that looks at the skills and knowledge that you have attained:

RPL is a way of fast tracking through a qualification, and at a lower cost, but should not be seen as ‘the easy way’. It requires effort on your part to find evidence, and that evidence must support the Rules:

Note that special conditions may apply to currency and type of evidence that must be provided for some qualifications, and that special notes and manuals on RPL for TAE qualifications are given on the TAE qualification page.

This means that in assessing your claim for competence, we have to be thorough in working with you to match your evidence against the Units.

Our RPL process is simple and minimises the ‘red tape’ from your perspective:

Challenge testing:

Fees for RPL services:

If you cannot complete the qualification, either because of insufficient evidence or you decide to discontinue the process:

For more information about RPL in any qualification we have on scope and assistance with evidence gathering, contact us directly.