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Policies and procedures

A copy of the Student Manual can be viewed here.


Details of the terms of claiming refunds is available here. Refer also to the fees page.

Privacy policy

We are legally obliged to report statistical information about you to the government for recording and audit purposes.  Other than this, we safeguard your rights under the Australian Privacy Principles and only share your information with Third Parties with your written permission or as you have allowed by signing the declaration on the enrolment form or the pre-training questionnaire.

We are also now obliged to verify the authenticity of any qualification you offer as evidence for RPL or Credit transfer (previously we just required JP notarisation).   Authorisation for us to contact other organisations is now included in the declaration on the enrolment form.

A copy of the Privacy Notice that complies with the National VET Data Policy is found here and on our enrolment forms. You are required to sign both the general declaration and the privacy notice declaration when you enrol.

You can find a copy of our Privacy Policy here too.

Due to an increasing incidence of copying ideas and work from others, the student must acknowledge the source and list the author. If they fail to do this they are committing plagiarism. Plagiarism will see them having to do the work over after having a competency interview.

Copying the work of fellow students is not plagiarism, it is cheating. It is done with intent to obtain a competency by illicit means and therefore a serious offence. Cheating may lead to the enrolment being cancelled without notice. If this happens the student will be allowed 30 days to make a case as to why the enrolment should not be cancelled. This will then be sent to a mediator together with the assessment evidence and other supporting documents. In the case of a cancelled enrolment there are no refunds.

 Progression rules

  • Once you have commenced training, you are expected to progress through your qualification at a reasonable rate, which is generally not more than two months to complete any Unit. The volume of learning for a Cert IV is 6 months, and a Diploma is 12 months.
  • If there are good reasons for a delay, you need to keep us informed so we can note this on your student records
  • Any student who is not progressing and who fails to respond to normal contacts, may have their enrolment suspended, in which case they will be contacted in writing and be given a date before which contact must be resumed
  • Any student who is not progressing and who fails to respond to normal contacts for six months or more, will have their enrolment terminated
  • Any re-enrolment after suspension or termination may be subject to a study contract

Anti-discrimination, safety and EO

  • You have the right to experience a training service without any form of discrimination and in a safe environment.
  • In order to provide you with this, under our Duty of Care, we require all staff and students to undertake to treat all others with respect and refrain from using language or behaviour that is discriminatory or demeaning.
  • Staff and students are also required to obey all safety and infection control protocols, especially the hygiene and social distancing requirements in epidemics and pandemics. We are currently following this government information to keep you safe. You should also follow any safety measures put in place by your State government.
  • If during your studies or assessment tasks there is any danger to yourself or others, the activities must be stopped and evacuations carried out if required.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy against abuse of all staff and other students, this includes verbal abuse, and we may apply disciplinary procedures up to and including expulsion to those who breach the rules..


  • If you have a complaint and this is not readily resolved by friendly discussion, you have the right to enter into a formal complaints resolution process without prejudice or penalty
  • All complaints must be in writing and we will send you a copy of the complaints policy to protect your rights.
  • Where the complaint cannot be resolved internally, we will refer it to an external mediation source
  • All results of the resolution process will be recorded and you will receive the decision in writing

Click here for a copy of the complaints policy.


  • If you disagree with the judgement of your course assessor, or feel you have been unfairly judged ‘not yet competent’ you may appeal the decision
  • The appeal must be entered within 30 days of the assessment decision
  • The process will be handled in the same manner as a formal complaint

Access to personal files

  • You have the right to examine your student file, but may not take away any materials from that file.
  • Currently all student files are electronic, therefore we would require notice in order to set you up with a Drop Box access to the files you want to see.
  • Before you can gain access, we require proof of identity in order to comply with privacy legislation
  • You may request photocopies of materials in the file, and an administration fee will apply to this.

Replacement of certificates

  • If you lose your certification, you can request a replacement and an administrative charge will be levied for this service.
  • At the current time, all past students who have lost their certificates due to floods, cyclones or other natural disasters are provided with replacement free of charge.
  • You will be required to provide proof of identity when requesting a replacement certificate.

Change of contact details

  • Please contact us immediately if you change your address, contact phone numbers or emails, or your name changes.
  • If you do not do this, you will not be able to receive mentoring to help you with your studies or will fail to receive your qualification or statements of attainment
You may request copies of any student policies and procedures at any time, or ask to be issued with a print copy of the Student Manual before you enrol.

Contact us if you require more information about your rights and obligations.

The 30 Day Rule

This is often interpreted as meaning 30 days from the time your assessor signs you off. This is not the official sign off date, which applies from the date the CEO authorises issue after all quality checks have been made.

Click here to see the response we got from ASQA on this rule.